Here’s the skinny on why we really want to lose weight

I can’t understand why we pay attention to these endless researchers hawking endless studies which endlessly contradict each other. It only encourages them.

So yesterday one mammoth new study says thin is better for ’98 while the increasingly annoying New England Journal of Medicine says forget about it: keep eating.


So what.

Before these latest pronouncements some cancer researchers said fat causes cancer while government researchers said it depends: is the fat saturated, unsaturated, monosaturated or polysaturated?

Then a University of Massachusetts cardiologist said just one greasy cheeseburger can kill you, while some Brigham and Women’s researchers said being just 10 pounds overweight can kill you, too. But then other fat researchers pooh-poohed the first fat researchers and claimed it’s neither burgers nor 10 pounds that menace America but … the fat gene. And they’d discovered it, of course, in a mutant mouse named Tubby. They told us all we need do is get rid of fat people’s fat gene and, voila! Kate Moss!

Tragically, anti-fat gene fat researchers then came out of the fat lab claiming there is no fat gene. But there is a sedentary lifestyle gene which combines with a “set weight” gene to cause big, fat trouble. Continue reading

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The importance of the SNELL certificate

Because of the importance of the helmet, there are more and more authorities that make for sure of the quality of the helmet. Although the organization was founded with different names, it has the same purpose to control the quality standard of the helmet. Many people think that they don’t need to pay attention to the certificates of any organization because all helmets are reliable. However, this viewpoint is not true. SNELL certificate plays a very important role.

Wearing a helmet is obligatory when you take part in the transportation. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be punished. Many people misunderstood about wearing the helmet. They think that this is just beneficial for the helmet manufacturers; however, this viewpoint is completely wrong.

This task is the right as well as the responsibility of people in all over the world. They need to wear the helmet to protect themselves from injuries when they are unexpected to fall down the motorcycle and contact the roads. A motorcycle helmet can minimize this situation as well as protect our head, which is the most vulnerable part of our body.

Due to the duty of the helmet, people invent a hundred ways to check the quality of the helmet. They want to find out whether a helmet is safe enough or not. Some people think that they have experienced in this field and all what they have to do is check the thickness of the inside layers and the price.

They consider the price is the determined factor of the safety of the helmet. They believe that the more expensive the helmet are, they safer they are. However, this viewpoint is very personal. In fact, the safety quality of the helmet doesn’t depend on some elements as price or thickness foam. These factors just can make a great contribution to the safety of the helmet. They decide nothing.

The procedure of identification whether a helmet is safe or not is based on the experiments. They must overcome all necessary steps of authorities to be the safe helmet. That also is the goals of SNELL. As we said above, this organization aims at checking and testing the helmet quality.

SNELL always makes a choice of standards which are very strict to serve the independence of the lab. They find out the way to ensure that all manufacturers can follow these standards and meet basic requirements of the organization. The standards will become nonsense when there is no company that can carry out these things.

To control the safety of the helmet, SNEEL has specific checklist that can help to tests correctly, including the rotational firmness, security, external shell and the retention lines. Although the certification of SNELL is reliable, the users need to learn more about the helmet to guarantee their own safety rather than depend on documented standards.

With this sharing, we hope that you can enhance your knowledge and information as well. Hopefully, you can understand the importance of the SNELL certificates towards your helmet. Let choose the best helmet for yourself and for your relatives.

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How to guide your kids to ride a balance bike

Nowadays, our working life has become busier and busier; as a result, parents like us sometimes find difficult to control our necessary time to spend on taking care of our kids. A plenty of work in the office accounting for mostly our time neglect and distance our kids and ourselves. In particular, parents play a highly important role in the physical and spiritual development of kids. Therefore, how can make a closer relation between parents and our kids, especially our toddlers? Balance bikes for toddlers will be the solution.  Understanding this current issue, some experts give their advice about the effectiveness of teaching toddlers to ride a balance bike and the close relationship parents can make. However, how to guide them in the best way will be harder for us to think about. As a result, it’s important for parents to take concentration on the following key notes, such as, motivating kids to ride a bike, equipping them with safely protective clothing and teaching them turn-taking steps in details.

Motivating our kids to ride their own bikes.

Children are easier to be implicated with other interesting things around them with the motivation of their parents or friends. Consequently, parents can tell them that riding a bike is one of the most excellent experiences they can have in their childhood and how much funny and amazing they will find with riding a bike.

  • Parents can tell them about old stories of their childhood relating to their bikes with fun and a little bit excitement, which can encourage our kids to think about the beautiful experience they may have when riding a bike.
  • Parents also should lead their kids to parks, campus or even fresh suburbs where there are lots of children riding their bikes. When seeing other children riding their bikes, they will be encouraged to discover new things and be familiar with others.
  • Parents can find another way to motivate their kids by riding their bikes in the witness of their kids. They will be curious about an amazing thing and try to let their parents buy and teach them to ride a bike.

Continue reading

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Why no workout is complete without core strengthening?

Exercise-RegularlyImagine a conversation among a group of bodybuilders. “Nice glutes,” one says admiringly to another. “Thanks. You’ve got some ripped biceps yourself,” he replies. A third bodybuilder cuts in. “Hey, no one’s even commented on my transversus abdominis!” she complains.

Your what? Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, if you’re like most people, you haven’t given much thought to this long, flat muscle located deep within your abdomen. The transversus abdominis is one of a set of 29 muscles that make up the body’s core-the trunk and pelvis area.

Those muscles support your spine and stabilize your entire body. But many teens-even those who exercise regularly-overlook them. “When teen athletes work out, they put a lot of effort into their arms and legs,” says Dr. Douglas Lundy, an orthopedic surgeon in Fort Collins, Colo. “But you’ve also got to work on the muscles that you don’t see in the mirror.”

Back to Basics

That’s where core strengthening comes in. Core strengthening is a relatively new name for an old concept. Fitness pros have long known that exercises that target the trunk and pelvic muscles can improve posture and balance. Now young athletes are discovering that those same exercises can boost performance and prevent injury. “In the last five years, I’ve seen more and more high school trainers incorporate core strengthening,” reports Drago Novkovic, the director of education for the Sports Medicine Institute for Young Athletes in New York City.

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To promote health, parents should push children into outdoor activities this summer


During the warmest part of the year, youngsters may want to park themselves in front of the TV, but keeping kids active can have a long-lasting impact on their weight and on their overall health

“I definitely think it is important to keep kids active during the summertime,” Jenny Inabinet, Lenoir County Parks and Recreation program coordinator, said. “They are out of school, and a lot of kids want to stay inside because it is so hot outside, but they need to get out and be in that heat and remain active so they will not gain unnecessary weight during the summer.”

Staying active during the warmest part of the year is a responsibility that falls on both the parent and the child, and an active family could benefit both.

“I would say it’s half and half,” Inabinet said. “Parents need to push their kids to stay active, but the kids should want to stay active, too. Going to the parks or having them play on the playground or walking the track together are a few great ways to stay active as a family this summer.”

Inabinet also suggested baseball, softball, kickball, walking or running around as good ways to remain active.

Beautiful summertime weather can be a blessing, as generally speaking any activity outside burns more energy and keeps them more active than sitting inside, according to Melissa McCoy of Kinston, mother of a 9-year-old.

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What should you do to maintain a good health when you wake up every morning?

Nowadays we have a lot of tools and machines to support your motions in the morning as treadmill, exercise bicycle, trampoline, ball….. Using these equipments will help your body become stronger and healthier. There are the different trampoline reviews however most of people feel exciting with jumping on a trampoline – a new device. Besides choosing a favorite exercise in the morning you should do other habits to have a good health and the comfortable spirit.

Every morning you wake up to beginning for a new day, the morning works will greatly affect your working results in that day. Therefore you should have the good habits and do them in the morning to bring you to have a day with full of joy and the favorable work.

In this writing I want to share to you what should you do to maintain a good health when you wake up every morning. I hope these habits will help you have a morning completely healthy and dynamic.


What should you do in the morning?

Get up early

Go to bed early and wake up early every day are a good habit which you should maintain. The biggest benefit of getting up early is everything going as your plan such as:

  • Firstly, you can exercise with your favorite sport,
  • Then, you will cook the breakfast for the whole family,
  • Last, you have a lot of time to do something for individual.

Get up early means that you do not have to hurry or worry about no in time to going to office. At that time you feel everything become really relaxed to you.

However easy to say but difficult to do that because there are a lot of people who can not get up early so you must try too much and I believe you can do it if you have the high determination in yourself.

Gargle with the warm water

After a night of sleep, the bacteria stored in the palate if you gargle with the warm water this habit may eliminate the amount of bacteria timely and prevent other related diseases. You probably will not expect that it brings the big efficiency to your health. According to the investigations, people who have the habit to gargle with warm water in the morning will be less risk of gum infections, cavities, pneumonia, bronchitis….

Expose yourself to the sun in the morning

Actually basking in the warm sunlight in the morning is very good for us especially the newborn babies who need a lot of vitamin D to develop the bones. If you have a habit to expose yourself to the sun or read a newspaper next to the sunny window in the morning it will help you both feel more conscious and absorb vitamin D.

Do exercise

It is very important thing and I am sure that many people will forget to gargle with warm water or bask in the warm sunlight but they will take a little time to do exercise in the morning.

Jogging, walking, running, jumping on trampoline or perform exercises within 30-45 minutes of the morning will be very good for health. Although you know the endless benefits of exercise, exercising under the morning sunlight is a great way to starting a new day and bring a good health for you. Continue reading

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First World Problems?

The global importance of emotions and health.


Here’s something to smile about: researchers have known for a while that there’s a connection between emotions and health. People with positive emotions tend to report being healthier-they even live longer-and those with negative emotions report being less healthy. But a limitation of this research was that it was focused on people in the developed world, leaving one team of researchers to wonder if the connection between emotions and health was just a “First World problem.” In other words, in a part of the world where people might not have adequate food or shelter, would emotions still be strongly tied to health?

To answer that question, they surveyed more than 150,000 people in 142 different countries, asking them about recent positive feelings, negative feelings, their self-reported health, and questions about whether they felt safe and secure where they lived, as well as about food and shelter. Their conclusions? Not only was the connection between emotions and health found to hold true globally, but the connection between positive emotions and good health was actually stronger in poorer countries, as their recent article in Psychological Science reports. Sarah Pressman, the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine, says they wanted to know if the emotion-health connection would “matter in a place where people are in wars, where people are starving, where they’re homeless, and surprisingly enough, it not only mattered, but it mattered more, which was quite a big surprise to us.”

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How to fit exercise into your day?

Sam sets his alarm every morning for 5:30 a.m. so he can slip into the high school swimming pool by 6:30 to work on his endurance and the efficiency of his breast stroke. Have you noticed that swimmers are almost always morning people? If you’re not a morning person, you’re probably not a swimmer.


Football and basketball, wrestling, and track and field types usually work out after school to get in shape for their sport. But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from regular exercise-we all need to fit workouts in every week with a home fitness machine. You can read Spin Bike Reviews to have more information.

Fitting in exercise, though, is a challenge in itself. Just where are those cracks and crevices in the day? If you have a daily schedule full of intellectual and social pursuits, and you participate in theater, music, or the newspaper after school, how do you fit a workout in? And, once you’ve figured out your schedule, what can you do to keep motivated and to avoid having your good intentions dry up and blow away in the wake of a heroic start?

These questions were posed to some real high school kids. Continue reading

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Teaching children about sundials is an exercise


The other morning I took my homemade sundial out and put it on its pedestal on our back lawn. The sun hadn’t risen over the neighbour’s house yet, so it was still in shadow. I puttered around the birdfeeder, cleaning up seeds and hulls spilled over the winter and, soon enough, I noticed the sundial was bathed in brilliant morning prairie sunshine.

I went over, and the shadow of the gnomon fell slightly past the 10 numeral. I looked at my pocket watch, and it was five minutes after 10. I nodded to the sun, and said, “You’re right on time again, welcome back to the northern hemisphere.”

My sundial is an equatorial type, that is, the face where the numerals are is parallel with the earth’s equator, so the sun’s rays only shine on it after the first day of spring, and only until the first day of autumn. I made it to conform to daylight savings time, too, so I don’t put it out until the clocks are put ahead.

Sundials are so fascinating. And so simple. They have no moving parts, and yet will keep time for centuries, if the elements themselves don’t destroy them.

And yet they are complex, too. They must be made for a particular longitude and latitude, and will be accurate only there. We live in the central time zone, but a time zone is so wide, the sun can only possibly be at one spot at high noon by our clocks. Our city is 10 degrees west of this meridian, so I had to factor that in when calibrating the angles. Continue reading

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Going Back to School to Exercise And Chat

exercise-machineHOW much does it cost to work out on state-of-the-art exercise machines and to be professionally supervised while doing so? For those who live in the boroughs of Allendale or neighboring Upper Saddle River, it’s free.

Northern Highlands Regional High School here, which serves both communities, opens its fitness center Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 P.M. for use by local residents. And more and more people are taking advantage of it.

On a recent evening, most of the 15 Nautilus aerobic machines and several of the free weight stations were in use. Ruth Auer of Allendale was working out a leg-strengthening device. Since she has been coming to the center, she said, she could notice her thighs getting slimmer and stronger.

Mrs. Auer said part of her enjoyment of the center came not only from the fact that it is free but also that ”the teachers are terrific.”

Carl Mortensen, supervisor of health and physical education at the school, and his wife, Sue, a gym teacher there, are on hand to take the medical history of each participant and to measure flexibility and strength. Then they devise a personal training program and turn participants loose on the equipment while watching discreetly but vigilantly in the background. The Mortensens volunteer their time at no cost to the school. A standard signed medical release form absolves the school from any extra liability, said the school’s business administrator, John Kowalsky. He said the school’s general liability policy covers any injuries that might arise from the workouts. ‘We Saw an Opportunity’

Most of the equipment was acquired when a local fitness center, the Classic Gym in Mahway, was updating and put its machinery up for auction in late fall of 1988. ”We saw an opportunity and we went for it,” Mr. Mortensen said. Continue reading

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