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The new little black dress


Fall’s ultimate evening dress is black, white, even carmine red, now that a crop of young designers is pushing ’50s couture sophistication to an inspiring modern edge. Could this mean a whole new way of “dressing”?

Here are a few words that have been missing from our fashion vocabulary of late: Chantilly lace, plisse chiffon, duchesse satin, evening gloves, diamante, pearls. Like the nostalgic scent of a woman enveloped in a cloud of Arpege perfume, these words conjure up the champagne-tinted cocktail culture of the ’50s and early ’60s.

It was a time when Marcello Mastroianni escorted little-black-dress-clad Anouk Aimee (in a prim version) and Anita Ekberg (in the sexier decollete-bearing one) in La Dolce Vita; when Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dressed after-five appropriate at all hours, wearing LBDs during the day (to visit Sing Sing no less!) and full-length gowns for cocktails at night;

nurseindress2And when Liz Taylor seemed to spend her onscreen moments in pre-cocktails mode, simmering and seductive in a slip, hair coiffed, jewelry and shoes on, nursing a scotch. It was an era when going to the homes of friends for drinks meant having your hair set and pulling out your brocade sleeveless shift, pearls, d’Orsay pu mps and evening bag.

Today, cocktail attire has become a little more lax. Drinks with friends now requires the bare minimum of effort: jeans, a Chloe blouse, hair scrunched in the same all-day ponytail. Come fall, however, dressing up to go out–whether to a cocktail party, dinner or a more formal event–will mean getting reacquainted with some ’50s notions of after-five attire. This change is because some of today’s most promising designers are turning their backs on anything unpolished and embracing womanly elegance.

Young American names such as Zac Posen, and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, are turning out grown-up collections that, although edgy, have more in common with vintage Bill Blass and Oscar de Ia Renta than, say, fashion mavericks like Junya Watanabe and Martin Margiela.

New York’s Uncle Maine of fashion, Isaac Mizrahi, is bursting back on the scene with a collection of made-to-order gowns and dresses, which he insists his clients be fitted for. And in Paris, some of the premiere fashion houses of the ’50s and ’60s are shaking off the dust and being revitalized by a group of noteworthy talents.

After a brief hiatus, Moroccan-born Adber Elbaz (formerly the designer for Guy Laroche and YSL Rive Gauche before the Gucci Group took over) is rewing up the house of Lanvin; Belgian star Olivier Theyskens is reshaping the future of Rochas; avant-garde Japanese designer Koji Tatsuno has been handed the reins to the venerable house of Gres; nursehalley

And the latest to join the revolution is Swede Lars Nils son, whose unexpected firing at Bill Blass landed him in the driver’s seat at Nina Ricci. Even the house of Worth has come out with a tres Parisienne line of lingerie under the guidance of relative newcomer Giovanni Bedin (who has worked for Karl Lagerfeld).

And one of Rome’s best-kept secrets, the couturier Roberto Capucci, recently overhauled his gilded-set image by employing the street-funky talents of German designer Bernhard Willhelm for the house’s first ready-to-wear line. (Next spring, Tara Subkoff and Spanish designer Sybilla will be added to the mix.) “We aren’t returning to an idea of elegance from another time,” says Isaac Mizrahi about the new wave of fancy dressing. “We are turning to another idea of elegance. And elegance is important. Who doesn’t want to look longer, thinner, more finished–to be our handsomest?”

What does this new attitude mean for fashion? First, that the cocktail dress is back with a vengeance in every exquisite incarnation this fall. Second, the innovative energy of all these designers could help write an important new chapter of fashion history, akin not only to the days of Madame Gres and Jeanne Lanvin but also to those of other adventuresome rule breakers, such as Paul Poiret and Cristobal Balenciaga.

Alber Elbaz is enthusiastic about the possibility. “For me, sophisticated dressing was never out,” he says. “I think more and more women today prefer to wear something more feminine with a bit of fantasy to special evening functions.” Elbaz’s take on delicate sensuality for fall includes the most delicious shade of carmine red wool-satin that falls into a billowy pleated cocktail dress. His clothes not only show an acute ability to craft; they also have an irresistible charm as well as a current of underlying steeliness that makes them ultimately modern.

At Rochas, Olivier Theyskens renewed the idea of playing with both proportion and color in a couture-like way. “I had been missing elegance and strong choices in clothing,” the designer says. “I wanted something explosive, but with taste and femininity as its base.” On the runway, his clothes combined those ideas with devastatingly beautiful bravado.

nurseindress1A pink silk boudoir slipdress morphed into a tutu of high-voltage orange tulle starting at the waist, followed by a slim column of orange satin for the skirt. A black brocade jacket with large bell sleeves and an A-line skirt was Edwardian by way of the ’50s, with a 2003 edge thrown in. Evening gloves–in Theyskens’ modern interpretation of electric blue–were crushed at the wrists and his models’ hair was piled up in romantic, soft chignons.

Meanwhile, Lars Nilsson, whose sporty evening clothes at Bill Blass made him the darling of New York’s social set, has been busy (and up to his eyeballs in wafts of Chantilly lace) working on his spring 2004 debut collection for Nina Ricci, which he says will have a heavy emphasis on cocktail clothes. “I think the demand for dressing up again is great,” he says from his new atelier in Paris. “I see it all the time. Women come to me when they are going to a cocktail party and they want to dress up.”

But what does this obsession with cocktail dresses, plisse chiffon and ladylike gloves mean? That this season, you should leave room in your clothing budget for one or two outstanding dresses, because the days of wearing jeans (even a $300 pair) with a feminine shirt and heels are over. Amen. Find a proper evening bag and some beautiful heels (maybe in satin or with diamante accents), learn how to pull your hair back in a sophisticated (not sloppy!) fashion and dust off your pearls.

Perhaps this return to elegance will also bring about a new, swish, high-glamour cocktail era in which women dress like women, men wear suits and the art of flirting and dancing till dawn returns, It wouldn’t be so bad.


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How to prepare to hunt rabbits

  • Consider your hunting license first

Yes, a hunting license. It is even more important than the best AR 15 scope for the money. You can take it about what you are hunting in your state. How? Simply, you apply on the Internet with the Department of Fish and Game or the Department of Wildlife. However, in some of the places, perhaps you need to pass a gun or hunting safety course even quiz before getting a hunting license in rabbits


Before each new hunting season, remember to update your hunting license to ensure that you are legal and up-to-date. You should pay attention children under 14 years old are allowed to hunt even without needing any hunting license in some areas. Therefore, let you look for your local guidelines, in case you have kids underage and you want to take it to hunt with your supervision.

  • Hunt on the suitable seasons

Depending on each different hunting place, you may be limited in harvesting rabbits on some specific hunting seasons. Normally, rabbit seasons will last from the end of autumn to during winter but you can hunt rabbits all year round in some places like California. In fact, it is illegal to hunt in national parks and state so if you have selected for yourself a location, you have to ensure it is legal.

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What Weapon Is Ideal For A Brandnew Hunter

For a beginner, you probably even do not touch either bow or gun as well as your hunting knowledge is almost zero. You wonder whether a gun or a bow is appropriate at this time and each selection will affect your performance in what way.

  • Is it necessary for you to decide one of them? – Guns versus Bows

Provided that you get a chance to ask skilled hunters, you will realize that they do use both kinds of weapon interchangeably. You may think about learning this from them, but in fact, their method is not recommended for anyone who lacks the experience of hunting.


In order to become an expert in this activity, you are forced to be excellent at the shooting skill. However, you should bear in mind that it is impossible for you to be able to master it after one or two days. Your practice to successfully knock targets down by two ways is much more difficult. Simultaneously, you might get confused because each gear does not require same skills.

Your concentration on one weapon at the initial period is an intelligent choice for a starter. Nonetheless, deciding which one is not an easy task at all. The article will discuss both of these items of hunting equipment in some aspects.

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Why Do You Should Travel On the Bays By Kayak

The answer is you will have the chance to glide through the Limestone Mountains on the bays in a very natural beauty. Just with some kayaking skill and the best inflatable kayak, you can also see thousands of large and small islands with different sizes and shapes which stably stand among the blue waves, cloud and sky.
How appealing and exciting when nearby a fishing village, you are free to go kayaking in the blue water. And then, you are attractive by the magical beauty of nature through unique and iconic scene of thousands of limestone islands, and caves with stalactites in the bays. Go kayaking is also the best way to feel all the great nature on the bays and explore the cliffs below the caves where the waves have thousands of years rolling up and down. Besides, you can watch birds standing on the top of the rock and touch to the thousand-year-old stalactites.
If you are worrying that you can’t paddle the tiny kayak among the vast wave and water because you don’t know how to swim, let’s forget it! Because the guides will show you specifically the method to paddle the kayak and you will realize that this problem becomes to be so simple and attractive.
There are 2 people sitting and paddling on each kayak. When you have not been familiar with the paddles yet at the beginning, the kayak often does not move according to your control. But once you have mastered the paddles, you will be very excited while both sailing and visiting the fishing villages to watch the work of fishermen in those fishing villages on the sea or admire the limestone islands at a closer distance. You can paddle to take the kayak to the foot of stone mountains and look for the new feeling. This pastime is very wonderful when you are in a bay, isn’t it? At the time your kayak weaves through the islands, you can directly admire the beauty of the coral dawn, the tiny fish swimming and dancing happily and oodles other interesting sights.
When paddling the kayak, you can get wet, so please wear short-sleeve clothes or swimsuits to pull the kayak easily. Let’s bring the camera to capture the wonderful moments that you can only get when going kayaking. But you also have to be really careful as your camera is very easy to be wet because of the water. Before getting on a kayak, you must equip the life jackets to be extremely safe, especially when you do not know how to swim. Wish you have a happy and meaningful vacation with kayaks.
The travel destinations with the kayak paddling sport now are becoming more attractive and ideal with the domestic and foreign visitors beside other forms of discovery tourism with high experiences. Self-paddling the kayak is chosen by many visitors because you can gently see beautiful scene, strange flower and grass, hold the shell of snails with sparkling colors,… This provides you the feeling of romance.

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6 Myths About Inflatable Kayaks You Should Know About

When you go to a kayak shop and want to buy a kayak, kayak advisors will tell you that there are 2 options that will be available to you, which are inflatable and hard shell kayaks. Both of these types have advantages and disadvantages.
You will be introduced that the best inflatable kayak will be very easy to carry on your trip as well as storing at home, especially when you don’t have a garage at home. However, you also may hear some bad rumors about this type such as it is east to be broken down or it swamp easily. While there are some of the cons that are true, some of them are not. Let’s find out the most common misconceptions about inflatable kayaks here.

1. They Are Really Fragile That They Break When Hitting An Obstacle

When encountering an sharp obstacle like rocks or roots of trees, most of the time the inflatable kayak with the material made from heavy duty PVs in the outer shell will help the boat bounce right back away from the rocks. However, if hitting a really sharp surface, punctures can happen.

2. It Is Hard to Maneuver And Go Ahead With An Inflatable Kayak

There is a common misconception that inflatable kayaks mover very slow and often swing to both sides. This is only happen with badly made inflatable kayaks. A well-made inflatable kayak however, can track across the water very well. You have no difficulty in moving in a straight line forwards.

3. They Don’t Work Well In Whitewater

Well, it all depends on the types of inflatable kayak you are going for. There are many brands and manufactures offering specific types of kayaks that can perform in whitewater very well.

4. The Water Can Get Into It Very Easily

Many people say that there is cockpit covering on the top of an inflatable kayak so it is very easy for water to come in. However, a good inflatable kayak is designed in a way that there are holes in the floor of the kayak which make water quickly drain from the bottom.
Furthermore, even with a hard shell kayak and an enclosed cockpit, you can also get wet and water can come in the boat easily especially when you go kayaking in rough waves and whitewater.

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How to hold a golf club

Success in golf is a combination of many things. Even a slight difference can lead to a totally different result. Holding your golf clubs properly is one way to ensure the quality and precision of your shots.

There are a lot of ways to hold your clubs and play the game. However, there are three popular ways used by most professional golfers and we believe that those three methods are the best way to hold a best golf clubs for beginners 2016.

Basic grip

Although there are many different grips, they should share many same factors. So before getting to the different types of grips, you should be able to hold your club in a basic way.

In order to hold your club, pick it up and place your dominant hand on your club. Hold the club horizontally with your four fingers while your thumb is placed along the club.

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10 steps to clean your golf clubs

Cleaning your golf clubs is an insanely important thing to do. Not only it will help you to improve your game and precision, it creates the comfortable feelings – a bond between you and your tools. The best set of golf clubs for anyone should be the set that makes them feel connected to.

So here are the 10 steps to clean your clubs:

  1. You will need
  • A bucket of warm water (preferably a huge bucket so that you can dip all of your club heads)
  • Some cleaning agent or dish soap
  • A dry towel
  • A tooth brush or a brush
  1. Take your clubs out of your bag. Flip your club bag upside down and give it a few shakes so that the dust and sand stuck inside will fall out. It’s best to clean your bag with a wet tower or microfiber cloths if you have some. Clean it so that it’s free from dust. If you bag is dirty, it will make your clubs dirty after you put your clubs back inside. After cleaning it thoroughly with a wet tower, use some leather deodorant to push away the smell as bags often smell terrible because they are made of leather and the air is hard to circulate.

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5 Different Types of Walking

If you are seeking for the easiest way for health and fitness, walking is an ideal option. To improve your general wellbeing, you should spend about 30 to 40 minutes per day for walking. The ultimate benefits of walking come in various categories, including weight loss, heart rate and good cholesterol enhancement, heart disease prevention. Having the right type of walking plays an important role in improving both mental and physical health of people. Our article today will present 5 main types of walking to meet different needs and demands. Each of them has particular features and benefits that affect walkers. Make sure that you have prepared everything you need for a walking session with suitable shoes and clothes. Warming up and down before and after you walk is an important requirement. Click best walking shoes for men reviews to find buy walking shoes for your feet.

  1. Brisk Walking

This type of exercise is completely suitable for walkers at different ages. It requires them to walk with suitable speed of 4 miles in an hour. Regular walking at least 30 minutes per day with this pace means you have chance to improve your health in an efficient way. In addition to the ability to lose weight, brisk walking also contributes to strengthen your heart and decrease the risk of high cholesterols and diabetes. It implies that you could enjoy longer and healthier life thanks to this method.×600.jpg

  1. Interval Walking

In interval walking, you have two paces throughout the whole session. 20 first seconds require you to walk as quickly as possible. The moderate speed will continue in 40 next seconds. Repeat each pace in 20 to 30 minutes. If you often do this exercise every morning, the walking level absolutely improves in different aspects, including athletic performance, better speed endurance and Vo2 Max.

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What Can You Get Benefit from Walking 30 Minutes per Day?

Walking is a favorite type of exercise that becomes popularly worldwide for thousands of years. With low impact, this is a safe way to protect walkers from injuries or pressure on their muscles and joints. You can save your budget on walking. All you need is a good pair of shoes or simply barefoot. Walking 30 minutes per day brings ultimate benefits to people. Ask the consultancy from health providers before you start experiencing any kind of exercise. This is an important requirement, which helps you check whether you are in good health condition to participate in a walking program or not. Below are major benefits of regular walking to our life.

Weight Loss

The first important benefit of walking is losing weight. If you are looking for an efficient way to lose weight and keep shape, walking is a good solution. Regular walking helps you lose weight in different parts of your body, including legs, hips and abdomen. You could have a good shape thanks to steady pace, not too fast or too slow speed. The result of weight loss is dependent on a variety of factors, including your duration, intensity or walking pace. The more calories you burn, the better efficiency of losing weight. To reach the best result, you had better combine walking and swinging your arms together. Other workouts are recommended for reducing the risk of daily injuries.

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What should mothers do for infants in first 6 months

It is necessary to have more and more knowledge for caring an infant which I think that mothers must know. Taking care of a newborn will become easier if mothers have a lot of experiences. However, for many young mothers, it is really difficult to good care for an infant, especially in the first 6 months. I understand all difficulty of mothers so I will share some information what mothers should do for infants in this important stage.

To help you understand clearly, I will divide into 2 main stages: first 3 months and next 3 months. This division also depends on the development of the baby.

In the first three months of the baby

1.  The first month

  • Choosing the date for full month celebration is important day, therefore, you should make a plan for it;
  • Checking yourself if there are some signs of the frustration and depression many mothers after birth often have;
  • Learning how to take care of the umbilical cord for your newborn because it need care carefully and properly;
  • Research on the issues of breastfeeding and bottle feeding;

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